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It's Time to Get Serious about 
Staying in the Game.

It takes a team to make sure you can
prevent injury & compete at your best.

Who are We?

Doctors of Physical Therapy who Specialize in

Sport & Fitness.

What Do We do?

We help athletes who have aches, pains, or mobility issues heal and keep training.


How Do We Do It?

We Have a 3 Step Process for Our Athletes:

  1. Get Out of Pain

  2. Find the Root Cause of Injury

  3. Move Confidently Long-Term

This May Include:

Hands-on tissue work, Dry Needling, Movement Assessment, Strength + Stability Training


How do you sign up?
Schedule a call with us and get on our schedule by clicking the button below
Choose Option "Baseball Intro Call"

Curious about the Off-Season?

Off-Season Game Plan

16 Performance Sessions

(60 Minutes Each)

  • 8-Week Strength and Performance program with a group in-person with our Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in baseball

This will be a graded strength and stability program that will ensure athletes are rock solid and balanced for baseball specifically. The program will focus on critical strength training for maintaining shoulder and elbow health. We will also train athletes' core and hips to become powerful in rotation which is of the highest importance in this sport. This  is a challenging program and athletes will be asked to do things they haven't done before in order to make them better at their sport.  They will be stronger, fitter, and more prepared because of it.

This program will be 8 weeks in duration, two days per week, in a small group (2-4
athletes) setting. It is most appropriate for athletes 15 + y/o, however it can be catered
to athletes 13 + y/o.


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