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Invest in yourself

Keep Your Body in Peak Condition

We want to help you stay active just like Pete.
It's time to treat yourself.

Do you have money sitting in an HSA or FSA and don't know what to do with it?

Invest in your health and well-being.

Especially for those of you who have an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and will have your unused dollars EXPIRE at the end of the year.

Being proactive is much better than being reactive.
This is your opportunity

As we work with more and more high level athletes, we are noticing a common theme.

This theme is that these people work on their health and movement in

a proactive rather than reactive manner.

Most people get hurt then try to fix it.

This is kind of like waiting for your engine to lock up before changing your oil.

Doing this with our bodies leads to needless injuries and time away from activity.

There is a better option.

Here's our solution:

Performance Physical Therapy

Manual Body Work: Ever wondered if you would benefit from something like dry needling, trigger point release, or taping? We offer single visits and packages that allow you to benefit from these services routinely.

Movement & Strength Assessment​: If you're in Nashville and want the confidence to know you are moving well and have good balance in your strength, we are the people to help you get it. We believe healthy movement and strength are the ultimate solution to most musculoskeletal injuries.

Our two Doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in helping you improve the way you move both in and out of the gym.

Have an accountability partner - This is really underrated. Having a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Coach to email any time you have questions, and who can check in on how you're doing will make all the difference in your pursuit of living an active & fit lifestyle for the long haul.


End of Year Spending!

Don't let your dollars expire.
What We Offer:

We keep people who love fitness out of pain and moving well.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do I have to use FSA/HSA money for this?
No, we just like to give our people the option.
  • Can I give this as a gift?
We don't think there is a better gift you could give.​
We've worked with a few hundred people over the last year. If you want a spot, don't wait.
Commit to prioritizing your health & fitness now.
It might be the best investment you make.

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