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What We Do


Step 1

Listen to You

Address Your Pain.

Injury Evaluation

Focused time for us to hear what you have to say about your injury or performance issue. We'll perform a thorough movement assessment, including watching you perform your specific movement or sport.  We also offer pelvic floor evaluations. Then we'll begin to address pain with hands-on and hands-off techniques such as dry needling, taping, myofascial release, and more. You will leave this session with a plan for how to get better. 


Step 2

Address the Root Cause of Your Problem.

Movement & Strength Program

Each time you come in for a visit, we'll ensure your flexibility, motor control, and strength are progressing to where they need to be.

You'll have access to an online account where you'll have a custom exercise program. You will know exactly what you can be doing when not in the clinic.


Step 3

Teach You to Overcome the Problem Forever.

Long-term Game Plan.

We believe in empowering our athletes to overcome the problem they sought us out for. We work to ensure they feel comfortable with the tools to manage themselves long-term.

Got Questions?

Interested in Pelvic Health Specifically? Visit Our Pelvic Health page.

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