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Pelvic Health

Pregnancy | Postpartum Care | Men & Women's Health | Athletic Performance

Step 1

Listen to You

Address Your Symptoms.

Pelvic Floor Assessment

Our team is ready and equipped to help you if you are experiencing:

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Urinary Incontinence (Leaking during exercise)

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Difficult Bowel Movements

  • Sexual Dysfunction

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Step 2

Address the Root Cause of Your Problem.

Treatment that works

We use the tools of physical therapy to help you gain control and confidence in your body.

Your therapist will both perform treatment and educate you with tools to manage your condition today.

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Step 3

Teach You to Overcome the Problem Forever.

Long-term Game Plan

We believe in empowering our athletes to overcome the problem they sought us out for. We work to ensure they feel comfortable with the tools to manage themselves long-term.

Pelvic Health FAQ 


What does pelvic health mean?

Pelvic Health is a specialty of Physical Therapy (PT) that focuses on how your abdominals, back, hips and pelvic floor muscles interact to best serve you and your lifestyle goals. 


What can a pelvic health PT treat?

Pelvic health PTs can treat symptoms related to urinary, bowel or sexual dysfunction as well as pelvic pain. Depending on the PT’s training, they can also treat pregnant and postpartum topics. Common diagnoses include: 

  • Urinary leakage and urgency 

  • Pelvic heaviness, pressure, or prolapse

  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA) 

  • Constipation or straining with bowel movements 

  • Back, shoulder, wrist pain related to childcare or exercise during pregnancy or postpartum period

  • Pain with intercourse, tampon use, GYN exams

  • Pelvic pain with exercise 


What should I expect?

At Be Ready PT we have a 3 step process: listen to you and address your symptoms, address the cause of the symptoms, and teach you to overcome the symptoms forever. 


At your visit we will spend time talking about your symptoms, your goals, and your daily habits that could be contributing to your symptoms. An evaluation often includes screening your abdominals, back, and hips to determine their effect on your symptoms and ultimately towards your goals. We will also discuss how we can assess your pelvic floor muscles. 


What is a pelvic floor muscle assessment? 

A pelvic floor muscle assessment can be done in multiple ways that suits your comfort level. At your first visit, you and your therapist will discuss which assessment will serve you best and help you overcome your symptoms. 

Pelvic floor muscles can be assessed either externally, using specific medical equipment like external biofeedback and/or internally either vaginally (women), rectally (women and men). This assessment helps to determine the strength, flexibility and coordination of your pelvic floor muscles to help you control urination, bowel movements and sexual function. 


Can I bring someone with me?

You are more than welcome to bring a chaperone with you to any or all of your sessions depending on your comfort level. Please try to communicate with your therapist prior to the start of your session to allow accommodation for your guest. 

Our Pelvic Health Therapists:

Colleen Gensheimer

Morgan Springer

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • DPT | Belmont University School of Physical Therapy

  • Cert. DN | Dry Needling IAMT

  • CF-L1 | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Obstetric CAPP 2022 | APTA

  • Pelvic Health Trained | APTA and IAMT 

  • Certified Exercise Physiologist | ACSM 

  • DPT | Belmont University School of Physical Therapy

  • Cert. DN | Dry Needling IAMT

  • Pregnant & Postpartum Athlete Management | ICE

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Got Questions?

For injuries or concerns not related to Pelvic Health,
check out our Home Page

Pregnant & Postpartum Programs:

Pregnant & Postpartum

Pregnant Strength

Pregnant Strength will allow you to confidently continue your fitness goals throughout your pregnancy. During (6) one-hour sessions we will help you maximize your workouts to fit the needs of your changing body and set you up for success in your postpartum fitness journey. Along the way, we will also teach you tools to care for your pelvic health needs in your upcoming birth and postpartum recovery. 

Birth Prep

The goal of Birth Prep is to give you and your birth partner confidence and excitement moving into your birth experience. Over (3) one hour sessions we will walk through different positions for labor that best serve your body, teach your birth partner how to physically support you during your birth experience and empower you to practice perineal massage and breathing styles to help you push. Birth prep will also give you the tools you will need to start planning your postpartum journey whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth. This package can include one virtual session to better accommodate your needs

Confident 6

The Confident 6 allows us to serve you in your recovery during the first few weeks after your birth. Many women often feel unsure of what to do until their six-week check-in with their doctor. We want to hear your labor and delivery story and customize your postpartum recovery plan to the details unique to your story. Over (6) one-hour sessions, you will have guidance on steps for initial recovery following vaginal or cesarean birth from the comfort of your own home, with the end goal to create a beginner return to exercise plan. This package can include virtual sessions to allow you and your family healing time in your home after birth. 


Our Postpartum Strength package allows you (6) one hour sessions to optimize your fitness goals and performance level in the months or years after your cesarean or vaginal birth(s). We want you to feel strong, move confidently and thrive in your postpartum body. 

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